Code Of Student Conduct

The Code of Student Conduct (Code) contains policies governing the behavior of all students and student organizations at Indiana State University. The Code outlines the rights and responsibilities of students, behavioral expectations, prohibited conduct, and an overview of the conduct process. Definitions for terminology as well as acronyms used throughout the Code may be found in Appendix A.

Indiana State University strives to foster an atmosphere of learning and informed decision making wherein students can be successful with an understanding of expectations, process, rights, consequences and opportunity for success. One pathway to creating this atmosphere of learning is through educational reflection.

Students and student organizations are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with these policies while aspiring to the “Sycamore Standard” (Appendix B). Aside from personal responsibility, students and student organizations are responsible for the actions of their guests and/or associates.

This Code addresses prohibited conduct that takes place on University premises and addresses off-campus conduct when the behavior may have or has had an adverse impact upon the University community. This Code also applies to University sponsored events (e.g. activities, trips, banquets), which may occur off campus.

The Board of Trustees has approved these regulations and has empowered the President of the University and his/her designees to enforce the regulations, adjudicate allegations, and assign appropriate conduct resolution outcomes. The Code will be provided annually to all members of the University community via electronic means.

Amendments to Code are outline in University Policy Library 410: Code of Student Conduct

Students agree to abide by these policies as a condition of admission and are expected to know the regulations of the University and conduct themselves in harmony with these regulations.


Student Conduct and Integrity
Hulman Memorial Student Union
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